Thursday, July 30, 2015

Well, Isn't THAT a fine HOW-Do-You-Do?

Well, what a lovely way to meet Micky, my new neighbour fellow.

You may notice this is being written at 3:30 in the fucking AM. Sonofabitch!

So I get to sleep about 1-ish.
Next thing I know I am being woken up by (ok, the first time my own snort woke me up)- but after that it was banging, clunking and dragging sounds. Repeated and un-ignorable.

Wow. It was emanating from behind the wall against my bed.From the newly vacated appt. At 3:30AM. The EMPTY appt.


So I  dress and somewhat de-scarify my hair (only part-way, some crazy helps when you are about to confront a possible drunk/themselves crazy/or high robber or vandal in the act) and listen outside the empty appt's door.

Yup. Inside it sounds like a bear is wiping the floor with an errant (and now very limp) hiker. And banging up against every wall and appliance in there.

I knock.Nothing.I knock again.Nothing. (by nothing I mean the noise continued unabated). Knock.Noise.Knock.Noise.Knock......for about what seemed like ten minutes. 


A couple times the bear seemed to stop and walk over as if to peer through the peep hole. Then the noise just continued.

I blocked the peep hole with my finger and knocked.Noise.Knock.Noise........and then..........

I startle the SHIT out of a twenty-something hipster-ish young man called "Micky" who had been unpacking heavy,noisy things in his new appt while blasting tunes in his ears via earphones.

I swear he almost peed his pants.

And that's how I met my new neighbour, Micky.

PS. He seemed sincere and earnest in his inconsiderateness at noisily unpacking at such a STUPID,STUPID time after getting off work. So I was nice as I explained how noise travels through walls. (He was still trying to catch his breath from his fright).

         ***STRIKE ONE, MICKY...STRIKE ONE.***
*but almost.

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  1. I'll be optimistic and say this was a one-off. Right? Right. Right? Rrrright. Right.