Sunday, July 19, 2015

NO Air Conditioner? NO PROBLEM!

-At least, that is what numerous websites claim. After seeing a news story about this on our local station, I Googled several How-To’s and set about constructing this elegant creature.
-So according to numerous sources, you can assemble this with either, 8 British pounds, $20, or $30 (our updated Canadian source).

Real Sandra Cost? $46. No matter, it was worth it just for the fun of cutting styrofoam with a kitchen knife-
then chasing those tiny foam particles around with a kleenex, which caused them to become electrically charged and literally flee from my approaching hand. 
Again, Weeeeeeeeeeee!

But I digress: you fill the chest up with frozen water bottles or ice packs, and it sends out COOLED air for many hours. I didn’t have enough frozen packs to make it a STELLAR success, but the air WAS cooler if I sat close by. 
I think.
Because then the inelegance of this frankencreature would be justified.
In any case, it looks like something the crazy old man hoarder down the street would make. Not bad.

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