Saturday, May 3, 2014

                                                                                                                          *Not my photo*
Last night it was the Bolivian pan flute playing endlessly and aimlessly outside on the sidewalk.

Then the bar music blasting base and blues.

Then the drunk people.

Then the first signs of morning light-
Which means really loud angry chickadee cheeping, seagulls (doing whatever sound that comes out of their beaks), crows cawing, and pigeons dancing on the window sill beside my bed (unfortunate permanent placement of a Murphy Wall Bed if there ever was one).

Then the many many many hours of cackling, high-pitched giggly young 20 -ish year old men waiting in line under my windows for the running shoe sale to open at 10AM.
(They line up before first light- having more money than sense.)
So today I have picked my hero-of-the-day, and he's shaking his wrinkled fist and cursing the world through his nicotine-stained dentures.

PS-the psycho chickadees are back, and they can't quite drown out the young man giggles.......

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  1. When I lived in England I was always woken up in the summer by birdsong around 4AM. I found that if I laid on my side and put a second pillow over my head, it would cancel out the high-pitched birds. I don't know what you can do about the young men. Boiling oil out the window?